1. Q: Whats the best way to contact you?

A.: Email me at info@lbphotographs,net or call me at 502-593-8353

2. Q:  When is payment for my sessions and products due

A: Half of your session fee is due before your session to retain a shoot date. Shoot dates come first time first serve. You may pay the full shoot amount the day of the shoot.

3: What does the session include?

A: It includes the photographers time talent and advanced editing of all images. Only a certain amount of prints are included in session fees and are outlined on our pricing page.. Our session fee covers the photographers time, talent, and gas.

4 Q: Do you do event photography

A. At the moment i"m not interested in doing event photography it doesn't fit with my style.

5 Q.  Whats a premier ordering session?

A.: Its where we meet to show all of your final images and ill showcase all of my products. This is where you get to choose want you want to order.

6. Q: What do i bring with me for a session?

A: You can bring everything the more the better.  Women bring: Hats, Scarfs, Bracelets, Shoes, Necklaces, Jackets, headpieces, hand bands, sunglasses etc. Men bring: Hats, jackets, vest, button down shirts, tanks, shorts, blazers, watches, men bracelets, chains etc... Family: Outfits that coordinate together.

7 Q.  How long do it take to receive everything?

A. All edited final images 2 weeks All products 3-4 weeks or less

8 Q. What if i'm unhappy with my images

A: We can book a re-shoot but this must be expressed once the gallery link is sent.

9. Do you do weddings and engagement sessions?

A. Yes, i do contact me for details

10. Q: I don't see your product pricing

A. This information is available upon request via email?

11. Why didn't i receive all the images shot from our session?

A. Their is no way i can offer all images for your session. Only the best images are selected the ones that don't turn out don't go to edit. If you have a shot you really want. You most notify me before or during the shoot. 

12. How many images will i get to choose from?

A. 20-80- images depending on how long the session is and how many shots we actually took.

13. Do you shoot family sessions or children sessions?

A. No, i don't shoot family sessions or children's sessions 

14. What genres do you shoot?

A. Model Folios, Senior Photos, Maternity, Headshots, Beauty and Fitness Sessions