April Model On The Rise Justin Sansom

Hey, Ladies and Gentlemen, April's Male Model on the Rise is Michigan Fashion Model Justin Sansom. I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with him. While I was visiting Detriot Michigan! We shot some stylized photos to update his modeling portfolio. Justin is a fluid poser and is excellent at changing his facial expressions. He barely needs direction and is great a flow posing easily. I could literally shoot him all day ha! His website and modeling portfolio are impressive he has worked with various talented photographers! His success in the fashion modeling industry has just begun. I'm excited to see what the future holds for him. Justin thanks so much for being personable, professional, on time, and being a joy to shoot with. Cant wait to plan more shoots with you in the future. Everyone, enjoy his interview i hope you aispring models gain some knowledge from me and Justin's Interview. 


      Model: Justin Photographer: Lynn Bailey

1.) What’s your name, age, and where are you from? Also, tell us why did you start modeling?

My name is Justin Sansom, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Oak Park, Michigan. I started to break out of a shell I grew up in. I have always been insecure and don’t have the highest confidence level, so modeling has helped me overcome that.  

2.) How long have you been modeling?

I have been modeling for about 4 years now! I started as a freshman in college. 


      Model: Justin Photographer: Lynn Bailey

3.) Please tell us about your experience pursuing modeling in a mid-western state like Detroit Michigan? What are the challenges and also, what are the advantages or dis-advantages modeling in the Midwestern Area Market?

My experience modeling in the Mid-west region has had mostly ups and a few downs. Michigan doesn’t really cater to the modeling industry, which is the main challenge. However, there are some amazing photographers & creatives in Detroit that I’ve worked with and built relationships with for future work. The advantages of being in the Mid-west area are working with others from this area to build your portfolio! That is what will take you beyond to the better market regions. I don’t feel that there are any disadvantages; it’s all about networking with others, and putting your name & face out there. Instagram is an amazing platform for that. 

4.) What styles of photo work do you enjoy shooting the most?

I honestly love shooting all different types of concepts. I think of myself as a versatile model, because I don’t like to limit myself to a specific category of modeling. If you want to put some makeup on me, I don’t mind it. The only thing I am not comfortable with is complete nudity; but I really love trying new concepts! 


      Model: Justin Photographer: FOTOKLUBZ


5.) How long did it take for you to grow your hair out to the length that it is today? Do you think your hair gives you a competitive edge in this industry?

I have been growing my hair for about 3-1/2 to 4 years now! I definitely think my hair helps me stand out in this industry, especially with the area I’m in. My hair is my trademark!

6.) Are you currently signed to an agency? If not what would be your agency wish list?

Yes, I’m currently signed with 3 different regional agencies. However, my dream is to be signed with an international agency like Ford or Wilhelmina. 


      Model: Justin Photographer: FOTOKLUBZ

7.) Do you think male models are underrated within the industry? How can we change the image and perception of the male model being less versatile in the type of work they can shoot and produce?

I don’t think male models are underrated in this industry, however, I do feel like male models are placed in a category to display only masculinity and muscles. I feel like if more male models experimented with different concepts that step outside of being completely masculine, that would lessen the idea that males are less versatile. In my opinion, masculinity can still be conveyed with a more feminine concept. It all depends on the model. 


      Model: Justin Photographer: Nomadic Madam

8.) Any advice for beginning models that want to know how to flow pose in front of the camera like yourself?

It’s funny because I’m still working on advancing in my posing (so i’m flattered)! I would say practice in the mirror with moving and posing. Practice moving your body and flowing from pose to pose. When you practice in the mirror, memorize how it feels to do certain movements so you can replicate them in photoshoots!



      Model: Justin Photographer: Nomadic Madam

9.) Advice on how models can stand out in such a statured crowed market?

My advice is to build a diverse portfolio of work. Trying new things, working with new people and building relationships with the people you meet. Word of Mouth is the best form of advertisement and the more you put your name and face out there, the more you will stand out and be recognized by others! 


10.) Is your modeling name Giovanni?

Yes, Giovanni is my modeling alias. He’s like my alter ego! 

11.) Do you like having a slimmer editorial body? Do feel that designers love to use you more fashion work because or your slim body build?

Actually, I don’t like having a slim build! My body is a slow work in progress... because I’m very lazy. I feel like designers like to use me for fashion work because of my hair and height. I think those two go hand in hand when getting chosen by designers! 


      Model: Justin Photographer: ambiealyse


12.) How can models improve their runway walks?

There are TONS of YouTube videos that show models how to improve their walk on the runway. There are also modeling boot camps that teach models how to walk & pose. When walking the runway, you want to look above the audience at a single focal point. That way, you won’t be looking at anyone in their face, which can help focus more on your walking & posing. 


      Model: Justin Photographer: FOTOKLUBZ

13.) What made you create a website branding yourself and your portfolio?

 I created my website to showcase all of my work. Instagram is a good platform, but it’s not a portfolio. I noticed a lot of agencies ask if you have a website aside from your social media, so it’s good to build a custom site that displays all of your talents! 



      Model: Justin Photographer: ambiealyse

14.) Tips on how models can style themselves for photo sessions?

Follow different fashion pages on social media and take some ideas down! Tumblr is a great source for fashion blog pages. You can also follow hashtags on Instagram that cater to specific posts, for instance “#MensFashion”. 


      Model: Justin Photographer: FOTOKLUBZ

15.) What was it like meeting and working with me for the first time in Detroit? What did you like the most about the photos we captured during our session?

Meeting you was awesome!!! You are very professional and particular about your work. I loved your lighting setup and how it gave all the photos and different looks a certain mood! One of many more shoots to come!


      Model: Justin Photographer: LEE

16.) Where would you see yourself career-wise within the next 5 years from now?

This is always a tough question for me. Hopefully, within the next five years, I will be able to relocate out of Michigan into a state with a better market for modeling. I hope to get signed by an international agency and be able to travel around the world doing different types of fashion work! 

Make sure you follow Justin on his Social Media Pages

Instagram| Facebook| Westhaven Page

Justin's Website

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March Model On The Rise Esteban David

Hey, Ladies and Gentlemen, I haven't blogged in like a decade lol, but I'm back. I'm starting something new this year! I will be interviewing and spotlighting Male and female models on my blog. I'm doing this to educate models that ask me questions daily about modeling and how they can start their careers. March's Male Model Feature is Mr. Esteban David a High Fashion Puerto Rican Model that now resides in New York City. With his edgy looks fashion-forward style and editorial body, he is killing it!


Model: Esteban Photographer Credit: RALJIMAGES

Question:  Give us your Name, Age, Where you are from and tell us why you start modeling? 

Answer:  My Name is Esteban David, I am 25 years young. I come from Aguadilla Puerto Rico 🇵🇷. The reason for me wanting to Model was to Prove to myself and to those who believe in me that I can fall down, pick my self up and stand taller and Stronger than Before.


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

Question: How was the transition from the modeling market in Orlando Florida V.S. the market your currently in which is New York City, New York? Why did you make the move and how has it impacted your modeling career positively and negatively? 

Answer:  Transitioning modeling markets from Orlando, Florida to New York City, NY has had a significant impact on my modeling career. Florida is more oriented around Tourists attractions and the beaches, which is perfect for lighter skinned female models especially in Miami. Also, fashion mostly consists of casual clothing and swimsuits. New York City seemed like the Perfect opportunity to spread my wings and risk everything that I had left due to the fact that it’s s one of the Fashion capitals of the world. Fashion and photographers are everywhere in New York City. Which opens doors to meet amazing talented people. That is one reason I do not regret having made that life-changing decision to move to this beautiful city.
Question: What styles of photo work do you like to shoot the most? Commercial Work, High Fashion, or Editorial?


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

Answer:  The styles of photo work that I love to shoot the most are high fashion and editorial. High fashion photo work most definitely brings out the edginess in my features, which I love. Editorial photo work for me makes my imagination and ideas come to life. Commercial photo work is on my to do and learn list. As a model, you can never learn too much. As a human, we can learn anything.


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

Question: What agency are you signed with?

Answer:  I am currently signed with Smart Models which is part of Westhaven Management, since December 3, 2016.

Question: Do you think male models are underrated in this industry that's dominated by beautiful women?

Answer: As a Male Fashion Model, I do believe that people think that male models are underrated ,but that's about to change. Women do dominate this industry, at the same time male models are becoming more confident, and less afraid to express their sense of fashion. Sanele Junior Xaba is also another perfect example of a South African male model with a fashion sense.


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

 Question: Do you feel like your body being more editorial like and slim gives you an advantage with fashion designers over someone that may be more athletic built? 

Answer:  I feel like my body is more editorial like and slim can sometimes give me a slight advantage with fashion designers over someone that is more athletic built. Honestly, it all depends on the designer and what they are putting on the table for you to wear. Most love to stick to specific sizes. It also depends on what type of clothing it is, fashion designers love more athletic built models for underwear so I would not fit that category. 

Question:  Any tips for aspiring models that with be signed by an agency? 

Answer: One tip that I will definitely recommend anyone pursuing your dreams in modeling, is to never let words or people bring your confidence, self-love, and strength down. Always get the curiosity to learn and become more beautiful internally, for the external is temporary.

Question: What other hobbies do you have besides being a fashion model?

Answer: Besides being a Fashion model, I love to spend my time drawing. I love creating abstract works of art with my fine colored pens. Stress is not good for anyone especially for me, drawing my emotions away keeps me calm and concentrated. Colors just add beauty to the details of every piece of my work. 


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

Question: How was your experience walking for New York Fashion week this year?


Answer: New York Fashion Week 2018, was Amazing! The honor of walking for such talented and creative designers was worth the long casting lines. Not only did I meet designers, but also photographers, producers, directors, actors and more fellow models. This was my first time participating in fashion week, and I promise it won't be my last. 


 Model: Esteban Photographer: Genlinet 

Question: How can models stand out in such a crowded market?

Answer:  Honestly, in this market, you stand out by being confident in who you are, what you have to bring to the table and how well you sell the product. Having a sense of fashion also significantly helps attract the eyes. 

28379169_1737388116307076_8478153459018321103_n (1).jpg

Question: Where do you see yourself in the next five years career-wise?

Answer:  Career-wise, I see myself running my own line of clothing. I wish to become a symbol/ Icon for those willing to listen to my life testimony. I would love to earn a degree in fashion, photography, or history. Lastly, I want to travel the world, listen to stories from every corner of this planet, and retire with my little flower shop which I will name after my Mother “Lilimar”, “ocean flower” in English.


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

Make sure you follow Esteban on his Social Media Pages

Instagram| Facebook| Westhaven Page

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4 Simple Compositional Rules That will Elevate your Photography

4 Simple Compositional Rules That will Elevate your Photography

There are four essential things that good photography needs in order to produce High-Quality Photographs. These are LIGHT, COMPOSITION, SHARPNESS, AND FUILD NATURAL POSING. In, the beginning of my photography career back in 2012. I learned five composition rules to helped me while shooting natural light portraits. It took my work to the next level and assisted me with developing my photographer's eye for shooting locations.  The photography definition of composition is A technique a photographer uses to bring the viewer of the photograph to the essential parts of the photograph which can be the model, or clients face, shoot props, or even backgrounds used.

1.     Foreground Interest: The use of foreground interest within your photography adds depth and dimension to your images. It creates a dynamic visual element to your subjects shooting environment.  Capturing the foreground is a unique way to create a variety of looks for your client’s album, portfolio, or photo products. It’s also important to shoot at a low aperture ranging from 1.4 to 2.8 to blur to the foreground to bring focus to the subjects face. Another tip is to shoot above them using a step ladder. Here are examples below. The lens I used for these shoots is the 85mm for subject compression. You can use foreground interest by laying your subject in a patch of leaves on brick streets, or even in weeds. Using the foreground as the background for your portraits brings an intimate feel to your photographs. It draws the viewers eye to your subjects face.

IMG_3705 copy.jpg

2.     Framing: By framing your subject utilizing natural elements included in your surroundings adds a three-dimensional look to your photographs. it creates a focal point for your photographs and leads your viewer to your subject within the frame. It also adds shape and adds an element to your foreground which brings out extra dimension and depth. When choosing a place to frame your subject look or alleyways, doors, city windows, pathways,  fences and gates. Also, look for the backlight to add contrast behind your subject to make a nice rim light around him or her. 

IMG_4675 copy.jpg
Lenses used for these photos are 35mm, 85mm, and 50mm which I don't own anymore I mainly now use 35mm

Lenses used for these photos are 35mm, 85mm, and 50mm which I don't own anymore I mainly now use 35mm

3.    Leading Lines: Leading lines are a composition given. Using leading lines in your work with feature lines leading directly to your subject. You can implement leading lines by looking for brick walls, gates with lines, railroad tracks, grass trails etc.

IMG_4030 copy.jpg

4.   Negative Space:  Using negative space allows your subject to take front and center or your photograph. You can use negative space in the middle of streets, and alleyways,  Negative Space creates and dramatic mood to your photos. Examples below. 

IMG_4467 copy.jpg
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Keontez Sutton's Formal Photoshoot and Interview Feb 18th 2017

Hey, Ladies and Gentlemen i haven't posted a blog in awhile. I interviewed Mr Keontez Sutton. A young man i have been shooting photos of ever since he was 17 now he is in his early 20's. I have seen him grow so much as a model and a person over the years. He has remained humble and just as passionate as he was when he first started. He gave some great insight in his interview below check it out. All of his social media links are below if anyone wants to follow him etc!

What made you want to start modeling and how has becoming a model changed your life?

When I hit the 7th grade I grew to 6ft and everyone started talking about basketball my granny said in London male models are tall and gen she show me antm and I love it.

What kind of model do you consider yourself to be and what styles of modeling do you want to do?

Right now freelance but once I get to New-york I hope to be a signed model I really like urban wear but once I get my body formed right I wouldn't mind underwear

How has your experience modeling in California changed your overall out look on the modeling industry?

That with a drive it's possible people aren't so much looking at a certain form there looking for outgoing personality and people whose driven.

What makes you unique as a model?

I take well to growth and my face can play young and old.

What advice can you give to people that want to start modeling?

 Go for it and just because it's hard to find keep searching something will come up

What hurdles or hardships did you face well becoming a model?

Not being able to afford to travel back and for set me back from a lot working is hard to get off but if your good at work and they understand your ultimate goal it works well.

How did you successfully navigate building relationships with other photographers to help build your portfolio?

My relationship with photographers are genuinely built off a vibe that we create and when we can vibe and work well together I feel that creates a permanent door to friendship and working together.

What are your long term and short-term goals as a model?

My goals will be to become this model get my city known and build one of the greatest talent agencies here in Kentucky.

What do you want people to know about you that they don’t know automatically?

I'm very very shy it's hard for me to open up i am self conscious and always believe something Isn't right about me modeling once I get in front of the camera I black out to another person that everyone thinks of when they hear keontezsutton 

Keontez Instagram     Keontez Facebook      Keontez Fan Page

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Elliot Whaley Beach Shoot Treasure Island Flordia Oct 14th 2016

All I can say is wow! These photos are so epic and are so amazing! They came out better than I could ever imagine! Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Elliott Whaley! He is a resident of St Petersburg Florida he is originally from Yeadon, Pennsylvania. He is a computer science engineer/ consultant and is a fitness coach, and a body builder as you can tell! In addition, to being a computer science engineer he has a B.S. and masters in computer science. Indeed he is a very smart man ha! I had the pleasure of shooting some fitness physique photos of him at Treasure Island Beach. Treasure Island beach is located in the city of St Petersburg, which is on the coast of Gulf of Mexico. We got up early to shoot despite me being late to shoot due to Tampa traffic and using GSP plus not really knowing where I was. Thanks to Elliott for being patient and understanding. Also, Elliott thanks for a wonderful shooting experience. You joked with my sister and me and made us feel welcomed as tourist. This is was first time EVER shooting on the beach and wont be my last! I’m looking forward to doing some more photo work with Elliott when I come back to St Pete next year!


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Ron Bibb's Photoshoot August 28th 2016

Working with Mr. Ron Bibb model and skateboarder was so much fun! I got to shoot with him and his friend Mariah Raye. I also got to mentor and teach another young photographer in the process. Ron’s light eyes shine and glimmer in the light radiating in this images! He was so funny, fun, and patient  as we shot in the smoldering summer heat! Thank God I brought ice cold water to help cool them down. Shoot took place downtown at Kentucky Center for the Arts.. He wants to shoot again… Until next time!

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Greenville South Carolina Vacation August 19th- August 21st 2016

Traveling is considered a luxury for the rich and wealthy. People assume that you have to be loaded with money to travel. This is far from the truth for me anyways. To me, anyone can afford to travel. You just have to save and prioritize your money for it. December of 2015 I decided to plan a vacation for the summer. I wanted to go on a journey to a city and state that I’ve never been to before. I didn’t want to go too far and I wanted to go to a place that had a cheap flight. I thought about ATL be the traffic there is crazy! So, I had interest from one young man about shooting in South Carolina. I’d never been so I asked him what city has a nice places to shoot? He said “Greenville South Carolina. I was like what is that? I looked up the city and instantly feel in love with the natural beauty of the city. What city has a waterfall in the middle of downtown like really? Plus. The flight was like 300 something I was down!

I booked a rental car , hotel, and flight six months before my departure.


I didn’t go on this trip just to shoot sessions. I went to explore new territory . I wanted to expand my creative horizons. I wanted to shoot in a place that I normally wouldn’t have access to. So, Enjoy the landscape photography of this beautiful small city in South Carolina called Greenville!

Cant wait to go back next year!

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Jadia's Greenville South Carolina Destination Photoshoot August 20th 2016

Im so excited to be blogging my session with Jadia! OMG this shoot was everything! On, August 20th 2016! Me Jadia and his friend Javier did our photo-shoot in the beautiful Greenville South Carolina.  I went there to explore the beautiful city and to refuel my creativity as a photographer. I grew bored of shooting the same things here in Louisville Ky. I wanted to branch out of my comfort zone and shoot in a place i've never been before. I needed this for me… We had so much fun riding around downtown and walking scouting locations as we shot here and there.. Jadia is so funny and is a humble down to earth guy. He is from California, but lives in Simpsonville SC which is about 17-20 mins from Greenville SC. Jadia from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for making my out of town shooting experience amazing! You are truly amazing! I know you have a big career ahead of you. Just watch!!! Anyways before I get all emotional and stuff enjoy all 41 final images for Jay’s shoot. He said he will come to the ville to shoot again and I will mos def come back to Greenville SC..


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Starting your Photography Journey at the Bottom!

Starting your Photography Journey at the Bottom!

Starting anything from the ground up is a rigorous challenge. It takes passion to push your through the rough time of beginning photography. This is a business that is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. If you don’t conform to these constant changes you will be a distant memory! Keepinng up the latest styles and types of photography. then spinning those trends and make them special to you and your business.  The struggle is real but the struggling won’t last always. The photography industry is not for the weak! You must have tough rumpled skin to deal with the realities of the industry. The realties are not everyone will like your work, not everyone is your client, not everyone can afford, and not everyone will value you as a photographer. Once, we realize these things and brush them off and focus on our target client’s that will not only our work but, love as a person we will succeed to new heights!

The Struggle

Before you succeed you’re going to struggle period! Various failures we equate to your success. Expect to miss-focus, over expose your images, and under expose your images.  Making mistakes is fine as long as your learn from them and approve upon them. The best way to conquer the struggle of manipulating your images is by learning how to shoot in manual model . What i mean by practice is shoot your dog, your cousins, random children, etc. Get your butt out there and use your gear and experiment! When I started I struggled, but I pushed myself and kept shooting over and over. Until I became competent at taking great photographs and learned posing and directing!

Bokeh is not everything!

Although Bokeh is great it’s beautiful and makes your photos look like art and it simplifies your composition it’s not everything! Blurry backgrounds are dope only if the eyes and face are in focus!  Not every image requires bokeh to draw focus to the subject. Another way to draw interest in your photograph is to pose your subject according to the direction of light. Typically the viewer’s eyes go to where the light is in the image.  Consider composition when deciding when you should blur the background if there are no distracting elements in the background there is no need to blur it. Also, you can move things out of the background to make the elements in your photos less distracting.

Learning Posing

I got to admit it’s hard to learn posing, but in my humble opinion you don’t learn it. Posing or poses depend greatly on what the client or model is wearing and what location they are at. To me, it’s important to get several frames from one pose and shot it a different angles. Or, to make minor adjustments of movements to change the pose ever so slightly. To refresh poses always look in fashion magazines are Pinterest to find new ways to pose your client’s

Shocking Realities of the Photography Industry


·         All of your photoshoot inquires WILL NOT LEAD TO BOOKINGS. Everyone that inquires will not book because every is not the right client for your business




·         All photographers don’t support each other some are competitive and don’t believe in community over competition


Only way to go is up and this is when you’re constantly producing great work and making all of your client’s happy. Just know that you’re learning, growing, experimenting, and journey never really ends. There is always ways to innovate with taking your work to the next level. The struggle grooms you for success .

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Implementing Inspiration Boards within your Photography

Implementing Inspiration Boards within your Photography

            Executing your vision as a photographer is a challenge that most photographers are faced with. So, how to do execute your vision to your client or model? What blueprint will you use to strength your visuals?  Using inspirations boards will give you the photographer clear indication of what you want to convey in your photo-shoot. These are super fun to create and are easy to make as well!

I’ve seen many photographers making inspiration boards based of themed conceptual shoots. Example themes I’ve seen are GOOD VS EVIL, HIPPY HIGH SOCK THEME, BOHO THEME, basically anything the has a clear and focused concept.

What’s an Inspiration board?

A collection of images put together as a collage to give a photographer and the client visual representation of what’s expected for their shoot. Inspiration boards also can be used to show the cilent how to dress and mix and match outfits as well.

How do I make an Inspiration Board?

For mines I use a tool called blogstomp. It’s a program that allows you to make collages easy and fast! I go on Pinterest and the type what I’m looking for. For example if I’m looking for men’s fashion images, Boho photos, summer fashion, fitness photo etc. I grab the photos I love a combine them together.

 Inspiration Boards Can be Used in Multi-ways

These are not only for photographers make-up artist can used these as well! To send to clients so that they can pick what images from they like to get an idea of what kind of make-up the client wants.  insipration boards also can be used by any creative artist, web designers, graphic designers etc.



Inspiration Board Examples that I've created

An editorial style inspiration board i made for dressy looks

Summer Dressy Style Board Inspiration

Urban Style Inspiration Board

I hope this helps someone ! If you have any questions email me at info@lbphotographs.net

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Defining Your Success As A Photographer

As creatives we juggle with the idea of defining success. We wrongly do things like compare our work to other photographers, or we always look at what other photographers are doing. We compare things like the number of client’s another photographer shoots compared to how many we shoot. We also compare and contrast skills, pricing, and social media followings. When we should re-focus our time an energy on our work and developing or skills. In this blog, I will discuss ways in which photographers can define their success. Honestly, no one’s success is the same because your success is meant for you and no one else!


Simple Success Vs Complex Success

Simple success eludes to the idea of setting short term photography goals or achieving small milestones within your career.  Goals examples can be mastering shooting backlight, scouting new locations, shooting a theme or style you have never shot before etc.

 One example, of simple success can be just shooting 4 sessions successfully. What I mean by that is being professional and on point with posing, lighting, editing, client interaction. It also includes building a strong everlasting relationship with those 4 clients. Get to know them talk to them and make them feel important while shooting with them. This makes and big difference in your final images. Interacting behind the lens loosens them up and makes them comfortable with you. Therefore, will make them comfortable telling their friends and family and how great their session went with you. Which will lead to more buzz and clientele for your business. Remember you have to do great work with a small number of people before you can expand and shoot multiple clients successfully. It’s good to start small and work your way up the ladder.

Complex success eludes to the idea of setting long term photography goals or achieving bigger milestones within your career.  Planning to attend a workshop for growth and expansion is a long term goal. In addition, to attending a workshop you can plan a styled concept shoot with a budget over a period of time.

One example, of complex success is hosting a shootout to build a community of photographers in your local area. This is a great idea because you can lead by example that photographers can ban together and support each other. Nothing is worse than the crab mentally. Everyone climbing to the top snatching each other by the legs. There is room for everyone to be successful in this crowded industry.

Finding Inspiration  

When finding inspiration for posing, lighting, composition, and editing techniques and styles look outside your genre of photography. The worst thing you can be inspired by is someone in your genre of photography. This equates to copy-cats and sameness. BORING! Find inspiration from fashion magazines, photography books, and Pinterest. Another thing I’m recently doing is creating inspiration boards for photoshoots. It’s easy make a collage of inspirational images based around a theme or themes for your shoot. This gives you a visual aid of what you want to create. You can send your boards to clients to help them dress and find clothes.


Defining Success

Your definition of success should be different from other photographers. What’s meant for one photographer isn’t meant for the other. Everyone’s photographic journey is different and unique. STOP comparing your success with others and define your own success. You can achieve this by setting goals and writing them down and checking them off a checklist.

Example checklist

  •  Shoot a concept shoot every month
  •  Make marketing flyers for the year
  •  Travel to two states to shoot in different locations
  •  Host focus group to better understand your clients  

Finding the right client!

Not every client is a fit for your target demographic or audience. Don’t afraid to say NO TO POTENTIAL CILENTS. There are red flags they come up during the inquire process. If they keep asking about pricing they are bargain shopping red flag. If you quote them a price and they don’t respond RED FLAG MOVE ON! Know your worth and know that your prefect client won’t care about price but more about the experience of doing a shoot with you. Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person it makes you wise. Save yourself from the potential problems or headaches. Write down what your ideal client is?

·        What are their age?

·        Where do they shop?

·        What kind of person are they?

·        Do you they see photography as more than pictures?

·        Why should they hire you over other photographers?

·        Sometimes your target client may not be in your city. They maybe an hour 2 hours away.

Get Uncomfortable?

Never get to the point where you think you know everything about photography. Always be ready to grow and learn. When you’re comfortable you get too content and you become predictable. Growing as a creative involves taking chances and risk with your work. Shoot what you afraid to shoot try it and see what happens. Experiment with different light, subjects, locations, themes, and concepts. Get numb to the feeling of being un-comfortable so that you can transform as a person and a photographer. Be mindful and open minded!

Being a great photographer isn’t enough anymore

Being a competent photographer isn’t enough to get people to book you. This is a crowded industry with things like social media, filters, editing apps, and selfie sticks. The goal is to not sale just photographs, but to sell and overall experience. Anyone nowadays can get pretty pictures with today’s technology. Don’t only sell an experience sell yourself as person. When the person being photographed can attach a connection to the person photographing them. It makes the experience that more valuable and personal. Which, leads to a client spending more money.

 How to make an experience?

·        Play music to set the mood and shoot environment

·        As you walking with your client to locations talk to them and ask questions

·        Tell jokes and have fun behind the lens

·        Interview your client and ask questions to feature on the blog you feature their session on

·        Show some behind the camera photos to them

·        Give compliments between poses to ensure them your shoot is going well

·        Go out to eat with them afterwards


I hope this helps someone’s next blog will be about making a diverse portfolio

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Alexis Mcgee's Urban Shoot Folio Part 1.0 June 26th 2016

Alexis is no stranger to my blog or website. Sunday, June 26th 2016 we went to some urban locations to do some edgy portraits,,, This part 1.0 of a six part shoot series the next part will be shot in studio. The summer heat had us sweating like crazy, but the end result photos are beautiful... Heres the full session in its entirety.. We did three looks for this segment... Shout out to her boyfriend for helping me with my gear and reflectors...

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Ryan Howard's Headshot Session June 17th 2016

Today i shot some head shots for  the second Ryan i have worked with lol! He is a model that resides in J-TOWN KY , but he is moving to Los-Angeles in two weeks! I know without a doubt he is going to do very well modeling in LA West Hollywood! I can see it! Im excited to see whats next for him and his career! it was great working with him he's a very down to earth guy!!! Best wishes and congrats on re-locating to LA! Oh and also i cant wait to see your spread in that magazine!

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Lavontre Skinner's Senior Prom May 21st 2016

Lavontre Skinner’s senior prom shoot was a pretty epic night! I go to experiment using studio lighting at the beautiful Seelbach Hilton Hotel here in Louisville, KY. The scenic historic architecture and flow of this establishment really helped me set a mood for their photos. I figured dark dramatic lighting with deep shadows and wrap around light would bring out them as subjects.  What I mean by wrap around light is that the light wafts around their bodies head to toe. Also, the light is on them and everything else is under exposed while they are well exposed!  Settings I used to achieve this light are 1/160th of a second shutter| f 10, f13, f14 apertures| ISO 100 and ISO 320. One alien Bee 800 mounted onto a light stand with a 43-inch Octabox Apollo Orb light modifier.  Camera used Canon EOS 6D with a mix between 35mm 1.8 and a Canon 85mm 1.8 lenses.


Lavontre is graduating from Pleasure Park High School this year! I’m so proud of him and his accomplishments! I have worked with him extensively photography wise and I know he will go far in his feature endeavors. 

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Daylan's 3rd Birthday August 14th 2015

These photos are so precious to me. I don't do family shoots like that, but i guess im going to have to start doing them. I've gotten several request for them! His birthday is a day before mines how cool! Im so late blogging these.

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Ryan Harden's Urban Model Session In Lexington Kentucky March 25th 2016

Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I know haven't blogged since last year. I apologize for that i've been busy with school and work. I will be blogging and doing more photoshoots this summer so stay tuned!

On, March 25th i did a Urban Photoshoot with model Ryan Harden. He is a native of Danville Illinois. He loves fitness and is very comfortable in front of the camera. He is also a part time college student at University Of Kentucky.  These photos turned out way better than what i initially thought. Due to the cloudy, cold windy weather. I can shoot in any lighting scenario but clouds scare the hell out of me. Big shout to my friend/assistant Olinka for helping me with this shoot. Also, me and Ryan will be shoot again......

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The 15 Best Photographs of 2015!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Thanks to each and every supporter of my work this year. Also huge thanks to everyone i've worked with this year. I appreciate you choosing  me as a photographer of choice. I know their is a sea of photography in the Louisville Kentucky Area, but you choose me i'm honored. Im looking forward to 2016 i'm excited for all of the fresh faces that i'm working with next year! Ill be showcasing them and their photographs as well as interviewing them! Lets take a trip back in time! Ill compiled 15 images of 2015 that i feel are my best captures this year to date! Ill be doing this every year!

Photo 1

Photograph 1: I really like this photo because the light is soft and i love the warmth and natural earth and green tones in this image. I also, love how this image is backlit by the sun! I honestly, loved this whole session working with Ciara was great. We had fun and she looked beautiful doing so.

Photograph 2: The pose and warmth of this image is the die for. Not to mention the sharpness of the image. This shoot was such a last min shoot, but the result wore epic. This is collaboration at best! Sarah and Tez came through and let me set behind my lens and capture the falling in their element as models. Loved shooting this very different from anything ive shot! Who knew UOFL campus was so picturesque. 

Photograph 3: This whole shoot was epic some of my best prom work like EVER!! I love this image because i switched up my white balance. Ive had been shooting images with cool tones. For this entire shoot i choose to stick with warm neutral tones. This shoot was so weird because me and Ignacio went up to peoples mansions and asked if we could shoot by their houses LOL! Good thing we did because i love shooting by their luxury homes.

Photograph 4: Shooting these 3rd birthday images for little Daylan made my heart melt. Seeing the bond between Tez and his son was heart warming. I was honored to have capture such a special moment. Kids only stay little for so long! This image speaks for itself we don't celebrate our black fathers that are doing great with their kids.

Photograph 5: I love this Green Vintage backdrop i used for this shoot. I loved shooting studio. Artificial light is so easy to use. I loved my 22 inch beauty dish for this shot. Im looking foward to shooting

Photograph 6: Working with Abdielis so fun. He is so funny. He is very down to earth. I like the image because the style is dressy and casual at the same time. The red looks good with his olive skin tone. Plus the light is soft due to the reflector we used the block the sun.

Photograph 7:  This image is well lit plus its so edgy and is sexy without being too revealing , but yet her style is so classy and classic. This is a prime example of a urban shot done in the heart of downtown louisville. Plus working with Olinka im always laughing and having a good time.

Photograph 8:  This image screams african queen! Like seriously the dressy and the amazing backlighting! The colors are so rich! Look at that BOKEH! ITS TO DIE FOR SERIOUSLY. FUN FACT: THIS IMAGE WAS SHOT IN MY FRONT YARD OF MY HOUSE. Doesn't look like it does it?

Photograph 9:  This image is so boss. I love the patches of light that are lit on the leaves in this image. I believe i shoot this with a 200mm 2.8. I like how Robert looks so cooled and relaxed in this shot.

Photograph 10 :  This image is has the golden dreamy golden glow that i love! The light is hitting my lens making it flare beautiful light and life into this image. This is one of my favorites

Photograph 11:  Another shot with my exploring studio light. I love the mood of the image it feels so candid. Plus i dig the white on white.

Photograph 12:  This image is looks like it belongs on the cover of a prom magazine. I love the neutral tones pose and his expression. He looks very natural in this shot.

Photograph 13:  Had fun photographing my pastor he is so silly and he really looks like hes reading his bible in this ha!

Photograph 14:  Isaiah is an amazing high jump athlete i had fun capturing him in his natural element

Photograph 15: I had to put my dog prince on here. He was six weeks here. He is such a cute little dog! LOL! He needs to be in a dog calendar for his breed!

Thanks for reading my blog have a safe happy NEW YEARS!!!

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UOFL Photoshoot September 11th 2015

This is one of my favorite photo sessions ever! This shoot is very different from anything i have shot. To be honest, this shot was last minute and came out beautiful! These wore shot on the University Of Louisville's campus at 6:00pm. Enjoy the photos. More blogs, interviews, and photographer tips coming soon! Thanks for the support everyone!

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Keontez Sutton's Golden Blonde Retro Shoot November 14th 2015

Hey, ladies and gents i haven't blogged in a long time. Keontez has been one of my client's for awhile. Its always fun shooting with him. We laugh and have a good time like we are hanging out! Im so proud of this young man! Now he is signed to Heyman Talent agency. He is following his dreams at becoming a male model. Im happy to have taken apart in his journey. I wish him the best! I knew from the first time we did a shoot that he had potential. Honestly, this is what i want to do with my photography career. I want to help develop talent. I know models when i see them. When i saw Keontez he had the model look for sure. Be on the look out for more of his modeling with other photographers as well! 

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Keontez Sutton's Studio Shoot

A, few weeks ago i did a studio shoot with Keontez. The theme for this studio shoot was edgy, fresh, and royalty. I used a variation of vintage and patterned backdrops for this shoot. This is my 3rd time shooting with Keontez. He is a natural and takes direction very well! We laughed had fun and even sweated our asses off. These wore shot in my garage believe or not doesnt look like it. It was hot ass hell in there! Thanks Keontez for baring the heat with me! These are some of the best studio shots i've done to date! More blogs and photo tips coming soon! Thanks to everyone for their support!

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