Lavontre's PhotoSession's

Hey, Everyone i know this been awhile since my last blog post. My life has been crazy and stressful at times. Im finally blogging photos from my session with Lavontre. He's  a PRP Junior thats runs track and aspires to be a signed model . I had the pleasure of working with him and meeting his family. He has one of the most chill and down to earth personalities. Which, works well with me because I'm mellow and down earth as well. Im also silly and crazy as well. A side note the laying down shot in the bushes. I lost my phone in those bushes. I appreciate Lavontre for helping me find my phone ha! Im pretty sure Lavontre will have a bright future. He for sure has a face that photographs well. Plus, he is becoming a natural at posing. He is remembering the things I've have taught him. I wish him the best with his future endeavors. Thanks for rocking it out with me Lavontre! This most definitely  will not be the last time you will see his face on my blog, or website! 

Lynn BaileyComment