Tez's Model Portfolio Shoot August 4th, 2014

I have to admit that i was a nervous wreck when Tez booked me to do help him build a new modeling portfolio. Yes, i have shot with several other guys and have made regular guys look like models. I know things about posing, lighting, and composition, but this was a challenge for me. A challenge that i murdered if i might add lol! I had a ball shooting with Tez. He is such a down to earth kind of guy. We laughed, we talked, we collaborated, we chose poses, and locations etc. It felt good to collaborate with my client to achieve want he wanted and to achieve what i wanted based off of my photography style.  We shoot for a few hours in golden sunlight and we moved to several different spots! His photos are classy, edgy, and fly! I thank Tez so much for booking me out of all the photographers he could've chose to do his new modeling portfolio. I wish him nothing, but the best in his future ventures. I hope he is able to get back into the modeling world! Thank you Tez you pushed me creatively in so many ways. You have helped me grow as a photographer!

Lynn BaileyComment