The 15 Best Photographs of 2015!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Thanks to each and every supporter of my work this year. Also huge thanks to everyone i've worked with this year. I appreciate you choosing  me as a photographer of choice. I know their is a sea of photography in the Louisville Kentucky Area, but you choose me i'm honored. Im looking forward to 2016 i'm excited for all of the fresh faces that i'm working with next year! Ill be showcasing them and their photographs as well as interviewing them! Lets take a trip back in time! Ill compiled 15 images of 2015 that i feel are my best captures this year to date! Ill be doing this every year!

Photo 1

Photograph 1: I really like this photo because the light is soft and i love the warmth and natural earth and green tones in this image. I also, love how this image is backlit by the sun! I honestly, loved this whole session working with Ciara was great. We had fun and she looked beautiful doing so.

Photograph 2: The pose and warmth of this image is the die for. Not to mention the sharpness of the image. This shoot was such a last min shoot, but the result wore epic. This is collaboration at best! Sarah and Tez came through and let me set behind my lens and capture the falling in their element as models. Loved shooting this very different from anything ive shot! Who knew UOFL campus was so picturesque. 

Photograph 3: This whole shoot was epic some of my best prom work like EVER!! I love this image because i switched up my white balance. Ive had been shooting images with cool tones. For this entire shoot i choose to stick with warm neutral tones. This shoot was so weird because me and Ignacio went up to peoples mansions and asked if we could shoot by their houses LOL! Good thing we did because i love shooting by their luxury homes.

Photograph 4: Shooting these 3rd birthday images for little Daylan made my heart melt. Seeing the bond between Tez and his son was heart warming. I was honored to have capture such a special moment. Kids only stay little for so long! This image speaks for itself we don't celebrate our black fathers that are doing great with their kids.

Photograph 5: I love this Green Vintage backdrop i used for this shoot. I loved shooting studio. Artificial light is so easy to use. I loved my 22 inch beauty dish for this shot. Im looking foward to shooting

Photograph 6: Working with Abdielis so fun. He is so funny. He is very down to earth. I like the image because the style is dressy and casual at the same time. The red looks good with his olive skin tone. Plus the light is soft due to the reflector we used the block the sun.

Photograph 7:  This image is well lit plus its so edgy and is sexy without being too revealing , but yet her style is so classy and classic. This is a prime example of a urban shot done in the heart of downtown louisville. Plus working with Olinka im always laughing and having a good time.

Photograph 8:  This image screams african queen! Like seriously the dressy and the amazing backlighting! The colors are so rich! Look at that BOKEH! ITS TO DIE FOR SERIOUSLY. FUN FACT: THIS IMAGE WAS SHOT IN MY FRONT YARD OF MY HOUSE. Doesn't look like it does it?

Photograph 9:  This image is so boss. I love the patches of light that are lit on the leaves in this image. I believe i shoot this with a 200mm 2.8. I like how Robert looks so cooled and relaxed in this shot.

Photograph 10 :  This image is has the golden dreamy golden glow that i love! The light is hitting my lens making it flare beautiful light and life into this image. This is one of my favorites

Photograph 11:  Another shot with my exploring studio light. I love the mood of the image it feels so candid. Plus i dig the white on white.

Photograph 12:  This image is looks like it belongs on the cover of a prom magazine. I love the neutral tones pose and his expression. He looks very natural in this shot.

Photograph 13:  Had fun photographing my pastor he is so silly and he really looks like hes reading his bible in this ha!

Photograph 14:  Isaiah is an amazing high jump athlete i had fun capturing him in his natural element

Photograph 15: I had to put my dog prince on here. He was six weeks here. He is such a cute little dog! LOL! He needs to be in a dog calendar for his breed!

Thanks for reading my blog have a safe happy NEW YEARS!!!

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