10 Tips for Begining Photographers

Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I know how daunting and crazy it can been making the decision to officially become a photographer. Various questions are most likely running through your head?

How do i start? How much do i start charging? How do i get clients. How do i build my confidence as a photographer? How do i pose people?

Ill be answering a few of these questions briefly in this blog post!

Tip 1# Engage with your clients

You should always engage with your clients make them laugh talk to them get to know them. Ask them how has your day been? What are your future plans? Make them comfortable in front of your lens. The more comfortable a client is with you. The better they will photograph. 

Tip 2# Never compare your work to another photographer that's more accomplished

It can be easy for us as beginners to compare our work to others. Don't do this. Your a photographer. You are unique your style is different. No one can take pictures like you!

Instead find things you like about your favorite photographer or photographers and incorporate these things into your shooting style, but make it your own!

Tip 3# Prepare posing for a shoot before the shoot

When shooting on location go to the location 25-30 mins before the shoot to scout the location.. Visualize and think of poses while scouting the location. This saves you time you know where to put and pose your client before the shoot starts. When looking for good light look for reflective walls, windows, and back-lighting.  Also, check out all of their outfits before the shoot some outfits are more pose-able than others.

Tip 4# Go to the best spots last

Always save the best locations last! Clients need time to relax in front of the camera. As the shoot unfolds they will be more relaxed.

Tip 5# Try to shoot in the evening

The light is very harsh and un-soft during 12:00 noon to 3:00pm around 4:00pm to sunset the light is much more appealing. Evening light gets golden and hazy. If you shoot early in the day make sure you have a reflector. Reccomended Reflector: Click Here

Tip 6# Have clients bring props

Props can add a unique element to a shoot. Have them bring any hats. sunglasses, jewelry, etc.. Also incorporate their hobbies in their photos. Hobbies like a dancer dancing. A skateboarder in action. A basketball player hooping.

Tip #7 Posing Women and Men

  • Women s shoulders need to be down not up. Women with their shoulders up looks masculine your goal is to make a women look feminine.  Women look better from the side of the camera. Their shoulders shouldn't be square from the camera.
  • Men can have their shoulders square towards the camera make them look masculine not feminine. Men can have their hands on their pockets, or they can lean. Men typically naturally lean into poses.
  • To get more poses out of one pose do a headshot and then do a full body shoot and a head torso shot. Thats three images off of one pose.;
  • General rule of thumb for posing making clients look natural and comfortable always.
  • Recommended Posing Book: Click Here

Tip #8 Change your settings

  • Change your settings throughout the shoot for different results. Use various apertures like 2.0,2.5, 2.8, 3.2, 4.0. Always keep your shutter speed greater than your lens focal length. 
  • Example 50mm lens shutter speed needs to be at 1/100 of a second of faster to get sharp images 85mm lens shutter speed needs to be at 1/100th of a second or faster. Shutter speed changes based on the focal length and the where your shooting at.

Tip 9#  Charged based on skills and demand

When charging for photography make sure your charge by the hour.  Your time is valuable and so is your clients. Your rate can increase once your demand goes up! Find what your comfortable charging and start with that.

Tip 10#  Instruct your client

Make sure your instruct your client when posing do the poses with them to help them see your vision. Then make modifications as they re in act your pose. Tell them when they are doing good so they can be confident with their poses

For more help our advice email me at info@lbphotographs.net To book a one on one mentor session with me email me at the email above. One one One mentor sessions are a 100 per session. For skype sessions they are 50 per session payments can be made via paypal

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