Abdiel's Urban Model Session

Hey, ladies and gentlemen! I know i don't blog a lot but I'm working on blogging more. Not just sessions but sharing tips and tricks for photographers! Stay tuned for that! This is Abdiels solo shoot with me. He wanted photos for his modeling portfolio. He mos def has the look of a model a high fashion one at that He is a 18 year old High School Senior at Seneca High School.. Get to know him with my interview with him below enjoy the photo as well. Peace until later! By the way he is  as super talented artist as well!

Q: Whats Your name?

A: Abdiel Perez

Q Favorite Color:

A: Blue

Q: Favorite Food

A: Pizza

Q: Favorite Car

A: Hyundai genesis 

Q: Favorite TV Show

A: Family Guy

Q. Why do you want to become a model and what have you learned about modeling since you have worked with me one on one

People kept telling me i would be a good model, you have showed me cool new poses and helped.  
That lighting really matters, to hide my thumb, that it can be fun and i can make funny faces 

Q. What Country are you originally from?

A. Havana, Cuba

Q. What are your plans after high school?

Study drafting or construction engineering 

Q. What type of modeling are you looking to do in the future?

A. A. High fashion and urban


Q. Whats your type of girl?

A. Blond or brunette american, Hispanic, or just a cute girl that is worth my time

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