Ryan Harden's Urban Model Session In Lexington Kentucky March 25th 2016

Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I know haven't blogged since last year. I apologize for that i've been busy with school and work. I will be blogging and doing more photoshoots this summer so stay tuned!

On, March 25th i did a Urban Photoshoot with model Ryan Harden. He is a native of Danville Illinois. He loves fitness and is very comfortable in front of the camera. He is also a part time college student at University Of Kentucky.  These photos turned out way better than what i initially thought. Due to the cloudy, cold windy weather. I can shoot in any lighting scenario but clouds scare the hell out of me. Big shout to my friend/assistant Olinka for helping me with this shoot. Also, me and Ryan will be shoot again......

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