Lavontre Skinner's Senior Prom May 21st 2016

Lavontre Skinner’s senior prom shoot was a pretty epic night! I go to experiment using studio lighting at the beautiful Seelbach Hilton Hotel here in Louisville, KY. The scenic historic architecture and flow of this establishment really helped me set a mood for their photos. I figured dark dramatic lighting with deep shadows and wrap around light would bring out them as subjects.  What I mean by wrap around light is that the light wafts around their bodies head to toe. Also, the light is on them and everything else is under exposed while they are well exposed!  Settings I used to achieve this light are 1/160th of a second shutter| f 10, f13, f14 apertures| ISO 100 and ISO 320. One alien Bee 800 mounted onto a light stand with a 43-inch Octabox Apollo Orb light modifier.  Camera used Canon EOS 6D with a mix between 35mm 1.8 and a Canon 85mm 1.8 lenses.


Lavontre is graduating from Pleasure Park High School this year! I’m so proud of him and his accomplishments! I have worked with him extensively photography wise and I know he will go far in his feature endeavors. 

Lynn BaileyComment