Greenville South Carolina Vacation August 19th- August 21st 2016

Traveling is considered a luxury for the rich and wealthy. People assume that you have to be loaded with money to travel. This is far from the truth for me anyways. To me, anyone can afford to travel. You just have to save and prioritize your money for it. December of 2015 I decided to plan a vacation for the summer. I wanted to go on a journey to a city and state that I’ve never been to before. I didn’t want to go too far and I wanted to go to a place that had a cheap flight. I thought about ATL be the traffic there is crazy! So, I had interest from one young man about shooting in South Carolina. I’d never been so I asked him what city has a nice places to shoot? He said “Greenville South Carolina. I was like what is that? I looked up the city and instantly feel in love with the natural beauty of the city. What city has a waterfall in the middle of downtown like really? Plus. The flight was like 300 something I was down!

I booked a rental car , hotel, and flight six months before my departure.


I didn’t go on this trip just to shoot sessions. I went to explore new territory . I wanted to expand my creative horizons. I wanted to shoot in a place that I normally wouldn’t have access to. So, Enjoy the landscape photography of this beautiful small city in South Carolina called Greenville!

Cant wait to go back next year!

Lynn BaileyComment