Keontez Sutton's Formal Photoshoot and Interview Feb 18th 2017

Hey, Ladies and Gentlemen i haven't posted a blog in awhile. I interviewed Mr Keontez Sutton. A young man i have been shooting photos of ever since he was 17 now he is in his early 20's. I have seen him grow so much as a model and a person over the years. He has remained humble and just as passionate as he was when he first started. He gave some great insight in his interview below check it out. All of his social media links are below if anyone wants to follow him etc!

What made you want to start modeling and how has becoming a model changed your life?

When I hit the 7th grade I grew to 6ft and everyone started talking about basketball my granny said in London male models are tall and gen she show me antm and I love it.

What kind of model do you consider yourself to be and what styles of modeling do you want to do?

Right now freelance but once I get to New-york I hope to be a signed model I really like urban wear but once I get my body formed right I wouldn't mind underwear

How has your experience modeling in California changed your overall out look on the modeling industry?

That with a drive it's possible people aren't so much looking at a certain form there looking for outgoing personality and people whose driven.

What makes you unique as a model?

I take well to growth and my face can play young and old.

What advice can you give to people that want to start modeling?

 Go for it and just because it's hard to find keep searching something will come up

What hurdles or hardships did you face well becoming a model?

Not being able to afford to travel back and for set me back from a lot working is hard to get off but if your good at work and they understand your ultimate goal it works well.

How did you successfully navigate building relationships with other photographers to help build your portfolio?

My relationship with photographers are genuinely built off a vibe that we create and when we can vibe and work well together I feel that creates a permanent door to friendship and working together.

What are your long term and short-term goals as a model?

My goals will be to become this model get my city known and build one of the greatest talent agencies here in Kentucky.

What do you want people to know about you that they don’t know automatically?

I'm very very shy it's hard for me to open up i am self conscious and always believe something Isn't right about me modeling once I get in front of the camera I black out to another person that everyone thinks of when they hear keontezsutton 

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