March Model On The Rise Esteban David

Hey, Ladies and Gentlemen, I haven't blogged in like a decade lol, but I'm back. I'm starting something new this year! I will be interviewing and spotlighting Male and female models on my blog. I'm doing this to educate models that ask me questions daily about modeling and how they can start their careers. March's Male Model Feature is Mr. Esteban David a High Fashion Puerto Rican Model that now resides in New York City. With his edgy looks fashion-forward style and editorial body, he is killing it!


Model: Esteban Photographer Credit: RALJIMAGES

Question:  Give us your Name, Age, Where you are from and tell us why you start modeling? 

Answer:  My Name is Esteban David, I am 25 years young. I come from Aguadilla Puerto Rico 🇵🇷. The reason for me wanting to Model was to Prove to myself and to those who believe in me that I can fall down, pick my self up and stand taller and Stronger than Before.


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

Question: How was the transition from the modeling market in Orlando Florida V.S. the market your currently in which is New York City, New York? Why did you make the move and how has it impacted your modeling career positively and negatively? 

Answer:  Transitioning modeling markets from Orlando, Florida to New York City, NY has had a significant impact on my modeling career. Florida is more oriented around Tourists attractions and the beaches, which is perfect for lighter skinned female models especially in Miami. Also, fashion mostly consists of casual clothing and swimsuits. New York City seemed like the Perfect opportunity to spread my wings and risk everything that I had left due to the fact that it’s s one of the Fashion capitals of the world. Fashion and photographers are everywhere in New York City. Which opens doors to meet amazing talented people. That is one reason I do not regret having made that life-changing decision to move to this beautiful city.
Question: What styles of photo work do you like to shoot the most? Commercial Work, High Fashion, or Editorial?


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

Answer:  The styles of photo work that I love to shoot the most are high fashion and editorial. High fashion photo work most definitely brings out the edginess in my features, which I love. Editorial photo work for me makes my imagination and ideas come to life. Commercial photo work is on my to do and learn list. As a model, you can never learn too much. As a human, we can learn anything.


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

Question: What agency are you signed with?

Answer:  I am currently signed with Smart Models which is part of Westhaven Management, since December 3, 2016.

Question: Do you think male models are underrated in this industry that's dominated by beautiful women?

Answer: As a Male Fashion Model, I do believe that people think that male models are underrated ,but that's about to change. Women do dominate this industry, at the same time male models are becoming more confident, and less afraid to express their sense of fashion. Sanele Junior Xaba is also another perfect example of a South African male model with a fashion sense.


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

 Question: Do you feel like your body being more editorial like and slim gives you an advantage with fashion designers over someone that may be more athletic built? 

Answer:  I feel like my body is more editorial like and slim can sometimes give me a slight advantage with fashion designers over someone that is more athletic built. Honestly, it all depends on the designer and what they are putting on the table for you to wear. Most love to stick to specific sizes. It also depends on what type of clothing it is, fashion designers love more athletic built models for underwear so I would not fit that category. 

Question:  Any tips for aspiring models that with be signed by an agency? 

Answer: One tip that I will definitely recommend anyone pursuing your dreams in modeling, is to never let words or people bring your confidence, self-love, and strength down. Always get the curiosity to learn and become more beautiful internally, for the external is temporary.

Question: What other hobbies do you have besides being a fashion model?

Answer: Besides being a Fashion model, I love to spend my time drawing. I love creating abstract works of art with my fine colored pens. Stress is not good for anyone especially for me, drawing my emotions away keeps me calm and concentrated. Colors just add beauty to the details of every piece of my work. 


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

Question: How was your experience walking for New York Fashion week this year?


Answer: New York Fashion Week 2018, was Amazing! The honor of walking for such talented and creative designers was worth the long casting lines. Not only did I meet designers, but also photographers, producers, directors, actors and more fellow models. This was my first time participating in fashion week, and I promise it won't be my last. 


 Model: Esteban Photographer: Genlinet 

Question: How can models stand out in such a crowded market?

Answer:  Honestly, in this market, you stand out by being confident in who you are, what you have to bring to the table and how well you sell the product. Having a sense of fashion also significantly helps attract the eyes. 

28379169_1737388116307076_8478153459018321103_n (1).jpg

Question: Where do you see yourself in the next five years career-wise?

Answer:  Career-wise, I see myself running my own line of clothing. I wish to become a symbol/ Icon for those willing to listen to my life testimony. I would love to earn a degree in fashion, photography, or history. Lastly, I want to travel the world, listen to stories from every corner of this planet, and retire with my little flower shop which I will name after my Mother “Lilimar”, “ocean flower” in English.


Model: Esteban Clothing Designer: Tiger Rajesh Valentine

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