What Makes Us Unique

Choosing a photographer to photograph your beloved memories wither its a project, wedding, senior photos, modeling portfolio, family photos. or for personal leisure is a daunting task. Here at LB Photography & Design we strive for high quality timeless classic photographs that are considered to be works of art. Thank you for considering us as your potential photographer of choice. Please read the following seven reasons why we stand out from other photographers around the world.


Reason 1 Full Blown Sessions

On average our sessions last around 2-3 hours long. We want you to have VARIETY of photographs with different angles ,poses, lighting, and compostions. We also, want to make sure that you have not only great photos, but an excellent overall photography experience with us. We will talk with you encourage you, pose. you and laugh with you in-between shots! Full blown shoots are the best way to make your session go smoothly without rushing!

Reason 2 Quick Photo Turnabout!

We don't make you wait two weeks or more to send and reveal your full edited images. We send your gallery full of edited images within 4-days to 1-week! We want you to enjoy images while they are still fresh! No waiting we want you to have your photos ASAP!


Reason 3  Advanced Photo Editing

Our photo edits are clean classic and natural looking. We want you to look like the best version of you. We add rich bold colors, smooth skin, and other light photo effects to make your images pop! No crazy un-realistic edits colors, or non-correct skin tones


Reason 4 Online Galleries 

4. Our online photo galleries are accessible via mobile and on the internet. You will have access to all of your photos for a least one calendar year after the shoot. We respect your privacy . All galleries are accessible via Password. Which i will send you the link and password!

IMG_0025 (2).jpg

Reason 5 Mobile App's

All of our clients also get mobile apps for their smart phones which are downloadable. These apps show all your photos and link back to your gallery just in case you forget or lose the link. Show off and share your images with a click of a button. Easy access to your photos via mobile

Reason 6 Elite Experience

We tailor every shoot to a persons personality and style. I want to photograph the best version of you! We believe in authentic, real raw moments. No shoot is the same because we your photo experience to be unique . What makes you uniquely you! I also will chose your poses for your shoot based on height, body type, and clothing!


Reason 7 Custom Photo Products

We fulfill your clients Prints, Photo-Books, Albums, Folio Boxes, 3D Wall Art, and Custom Designed invitations through our exclusive professional photo lab. With us high quality comes first our photo products are customized to your liking we take every bit of your session and incorporate it into high quality heirloom products that last for ages and generations. Industry leading experts at our professional lab take the time to make sure every is printed exactly how it is edited.